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As a practicing gastroenterology I get asked what is the best or top rated probiotic ?

My answer is “Simply Biotic probiotics “ are the best probiotics based on the scientific evidence (as detailed below) and not just because I formulated it.

 The first step that I would like readers to understand is that the  potency or strength of probiotics is measured in  CFU - Colony Forming Units (CFU). In simple terms it denotes the amount of bacteria in a probiotic. It means how many bacteria are contained in a probiotic which will grow into colonies when ingested. For example, Simply Biotic Plus has 50 Billion CFUs, while Align a market leader has 1 Billion CFU. However we need to know that each probiotic has different strains of bacterial. Simply Biotic probiotics contain 10 unique strains (acidophilus, lactobacillus and bifidobacterium) compared to one in Align probiotic. Hence just based on number of bacterial strains and type - Simply Biotic seems a better choice, and is the best probiotic. On an average in comparison to the probiotics present in the market Simply Biotic probiotics has about 5-10 times more bacterial content making it the best probiotic.

Measuring the bacterial content in yoghurt and kefir is not straightforward because they are complex and made of so many other nutrients. We know that yogurt has one strain of bacteria - lactobacillus compared to 10 unique strains in Simply Biotic. The bacteria in yogurt are not protected by a protein shell like in Kefir hence are easily digested by the stomach acid. Hence, Kefir has been favored as a better probiotic, and was studied by Metchnikoff In Eastern Europe Caucasus Mountains. He was the first to propose the health benefits of probiotics, and longevity of these people consuming Kefir. Kefir has a strong taste and not one suited for American palate. Kefir contains bacteria such as Lactobacillus Caucasus, Leuconostoc, Acetobacter species, and Streptococcus species, as well as some beneficial yeasts that aren’t found in yogurt. Based on this evidence, we can easily say that Kefir is far better probiotic than yoghurt.

One major problem with the yoghurt is that the pasteurization, and partial sterilization using heat often destroys the health bacteria.  It is important  that the organisms in yogurt should be alive and active during its shelf life in order to ensure that the health benefits are received from the yogurt. For this reason, organic and once saying “active” yogurts are preferable.

There are some other natural probiotics like Kimchi, Miso, Sauerkraut, Tempeh, Natto, Kombucha tea which contain small quantity of bacteria. There health benefits have not been evaluated and rank low on the content and type of bacteria they contained. Essentially the benefit from them is questionable.  Kombucha tea, is made by placing a kombucha mushroom in sweetened black tea, and is a good source of probiotics. Kombucha tea is available in Whole Foods. It is acidic, and strong tasting beverage.

About 30% american population has lactose intolerance. A condition in which lack of lactase enzyme can lead to gastrointestinal upset like nausea, vomiting, gas, abdominal cramps, diarrhea when they consume dairy products. This subset of population cannot take Yogurt and Kefir.  Simply Biotic is Dairy Free, apart from Gluten and Soy free. It is easy to consume and provides you with a high content of bacteria in a delayed release which prevents gastric acid destruction of bacteria. Simply Biotic bacteria are freeze dried and contained in a protective capsule to bypass the gastric acid. The bacteria are released in the small and large bowel where they multiply to form colonies.  

Currently there are hundreds of products being marketed as having probiotics but confirming whether those products contain viable organisms is a challenge. Shelf life of SImply BIotic is about 1-2 years at least. The shelf life of refrigerated probiotics is only three to six weeks. Furthermore, the number of viable organisms likely will decrease over that timeframe.

A Canadian study in 2004 measured the viable organisms in 10 brands of probiotic preparations and none matched the amount on their labels, with eight brands having only 10% of the stated number and two having no viable probiotics whatsoever.  I would like to coin a term “CFU Effective Ratio” which should be the number used to judge the quality of probiotic. An CFU effective ratio of 1 means that all the bacteria are viable compared to a ratio of 0 when none of the bacterial contained in the probiotic are viable.

Simply Biotic is made in the USA in a FDA compliant lab. The lab follows strict procedure guidelines and has regulatory mechanism in place to make sure each Simply Biotic bottle contains the specified amount of bacteria as mentioned. As you now know that the Simply Biotic probiotics contains high number of bacterial content compare to all the market leaders making it an ideal choice for you.

My advice for patients with mild GI issues is to try Yogurt or Kefir if they do not have lactose intolerance and are not aversive to its taste. If the problems persist or they have multiple GI complaints Simply Biotic is definitely a better choice that they can rely on.  

It is a great probiotic working well for my patients and is quite reasonable. A month supply of Simply Biotic is less than 20 dollars and Simply Biotic Plus is about 25 dollars. To get good GI  health you would be spending less than a dollar a day.  Every day I hear good things about Simply Biotic , but my favorite is quote is from a nurse who called it her “life saver”.



What is the best probiotic for women ? What is the best or top rated probiotic in the market ?

As you know there are hundreds of probiotics in the market. A probiotic is composed of healthy bacteria. The bacterial content of the probiotic is measured in Colony Forming Units or CFUs.

Our comparison of Simply BIotic Probiotics with other market leaders like align, culturelle, and trubiotic shows that Simply Biotic is one of the best probiotic available in the market. It contains from 25 billion to 50 billion CFUs, compared to few billions (up to 5 billion) in the others.

Simply Biotic and Simply Biotic Plus have the unique advantage over its competitors with 10 unique bacterial strains (acidophilus, lactobacillus and bifidobacterium) which leads to multiple health benefits like boosting immunity, supporting digestive health, decrease stone formation etc. The link below shows the beneficial effects of each bacteria contained in Simply Biotic.

Without any doubts go ahead and order the best probiotics - Simply BIotic to start living a healthy life.



Do probiotics lead to weight loss ? Probiotics and weight loss ? What is best probiotic for weight loss ?

As you have seen some of your friends can eat all day and not gain an ounce of weight, compare to yourself who cannot stop gaining without eating much.

Part of the weight gain is based on how our body processes various foods. We know that bacteria help in digestion of complex sugars and also make short chain fatty acids. The higher content of healthy bacteria leads to better digestive qualities in our gut.  

Taking Simply Biotic probiotics would give you the source of healthy bacteria leading to suppression of bad bacteria. Healthy bacteria would lead to higher saccharolytic activity and aid in digestion of complex sugars, apart from proteolytic activity to aid digestion of proteins.

Dr. Adi Malhotra

(Founder of Simply Biotic)