Probiotic is a preparation containing live bacteria that is taken orally to restore beneficial bacteria to the body. A probiotic supplement is made of a “friendly” or “good” bacteria. They are ubiquitous and symbiotic throughout the gastrointestinal system, where they have an important and protective role.

Probiotics are a mix of healthy bacteria, and studies have shown beneficial effects on gastro health. As a gastroenterologists, we routinely see patients reporting beneficial effects of probiotics for bloating, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and constipation.

  • Probiotics also aid in the digestion of food, manufacturing vitamins B-12 and Vitamin K.
  • Probiotics support our immune systems. They inhibit the action of disease-causing alkaline bacteria by maintaining an acidic environment in the gut.
  • Probiotics can also increase the nutritional value of some foods by augmenting the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. Some produce antibiotics and are anti-carcinogenic.
  • Some probiotics boost the immune system and help prevent urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • There are numerous other claims that have yet to be proved scientifically, but existing research leaves no doubt that some probiotics do exert positive effects, especially on the intestinal tract

Both Simply Biotic (SB) and SB plus contains 10 bacterial strains. However, the SB plus has 50 billion CFUs of bacteria compared to 25 billion CFUs in SB.

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There are multiple reasons that use of probiotic is helpful more to us in 21st Century than the last century.

We are living in the Era of Antibiotic, although they have been lifesaving, however they have created some new problems as their usage has exponentially risen. It is widely recognized that antibiotics cause imbalances in the protective flora of the gastrointestinal and vaginal tracts, leading to weakened immune systems and digestive problems. Hence, taking probiotics helps to negate the detrimental effects of antibiotics.

Some other factors which lead to depletion of healthy bacterial include chlorination of water, and pesticides in our food.

Recent research has revealed that humans are 90% microbial but only 10% human. The average human has over 100 trillion microbes in their body. These bacteria contribute to our internal microbiome. By taking probiotics we are trying to give ourselves the healthy bacteria which will colonize our gut and provide the benefits.

For new patients who have never taken a probiotic we recommend to start off with the Simply Biotic formulation once a day. The capsule contains 25 billion CFU bacteria with 10 different strains of bacteria. It is delayed release, hence the bacteria are not destroyed by the gastric acid and delivered successfully to the small bowel, where they would proliferate. We expect that a course of at least 12 weeks is required to get the benefits of the probiotic.

For patients who have taken some other probiotic in the past, we recommend them to take Simply Biotic plus since it contains 50 billion CFU, and hence offers maximum benefit potential. The capsule is delayed release, releasing bacteria in the small bowel to prevent destruction from gastric acid.

One other important factor that is critical in deciding choice of probiotic is based on patient’s symptoms.

We have developed a questionnaire to help patients choose the right probiotic for them. The customization is based on patients total number of symptoms. Patients with multiple GI symptoms should take Simply plus biotic, while others with less severe and fewer symptoms can take Simply biotic.

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The ingested bacteria in a probiotic are assumed to populate the gut of the person and confer beneficial effects. This process can take few weeks. We like our patients to take the probiotic for at least 12 weeks to confer maximum health benefits. Some of our patients have been taking probiotics for months to years to draw the benefits. Since there are no harmful effects of the probiotics taking it for longer duration is definitely beneficial.

Simply Biotic and Simply Biotic Plus probiotic are manufactured in the USA, which is an accredited facility with rigorous quality control.

Both the products are milk and wheat free. Hence it is safe for people who have lactose intolerance and celiac disease.

We advise our patients to take at least 12 weeks of probiotics to draw maximum benefits, however stopping at 4 weeks is not harmful.

Simply biotic have 10 strains of bacteria compare to Align, and 25-50 billion CFU to 1 billion CFU in Align. These two facts make simple biotic a quality product which can offer maximum beneficial effects to the patients.

Based on the 10 unique bacterial strains and the higher number of CFUs (25-50 blilion) it is a high quality product offering multiple health benefits. There are few probiotics which contain 50 Billion CFUs content of healthy bacteria.

It definitely matters what kind of probiotic is ingested. Some probiotics being sold do not have sufficient bacterial colonies to populate the gut, and are not beneficial. Hence, it becomes imperative that our patients choose a high quality probiotic like Simply Biotic (25 Billion CFUs) or Simply Biotic plus (50 Billion CFUs) with high content of healthy bacteria.

We have not come across any harmful effects of ingesting quality probiotics.

Yes, probiotics supposedly support our body in fighting against gastrointestinal problems of constipation, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain.

In the future, one of the most promising uses of probiotics may be for the treatment and prevention of depression. Some recent studies have shown benefit in decreasing stress level and depression in humans.